Last month the marijuana dispensary received a shipment of items from 1 of the cannabis concentrate retailers.

The cannabis concentrate retailer came out with a current product line.

The live resin and diamonds products are going to be on sale for the next week. The dispensary received lots of demos for the staff and there was a note in the box to keep the shipment until the sales representative arrived a few nights later. I told all of the staff members to return the concentrates that had already been taken from the box. I thought most people returned the concentrates. When the sales representative arrived, she asked myself and others for the basket of inventory. She counted out all of the samples in the box and there were several cannabis concentrates missing. Both were demo samples sent for the staff. The representative came to myself and others with questions and I did not think what to say. I did not count the samples when they came back. I had to tell her that I gave them out before I saw the note inside of the box. I absolutely don’t think which of the staff members took lake house the cannabis concentrate sample instead of putting it into the box. I will entirely never think the answer to that question. I could go back through all of the security cameras, but it’s not that big of a deal to me. It could have been a staff member that had already gone lake house for the day by the time that I found the note at the bottom of the box and collected all the samples. I don’t think why they decided to put the note at the bottom of the box.

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