I wish that my situation with my back and gone away as suddenly as it developed.

It came on as if from nowhere.

But it’s been a genuinely long road back to a current normal with help from medical cannabis. If medical marijuana wasn’t available in this state, I’m not sure what I’d be doing. One thing’s for sure, I would have been playing with fire. When the spasms started, some of the pain was so bad that the muscle relaxers didn’t help. That led to prescriptions for pain meds. Unlike medical marijuana, the pain meds are just so highly addictive. And I could tell that I was no bizarre than any other bad woman trying to manage pain and ends up hooked. This was no after school special, I could see my self getting more and more dependent on the pain meds. That’s what initially got myself and others into checking out medical marijuana information. I wanted something that could help myself and others and manage pain without opioids. After getting the medical marijuana facts, I l gained how to get a medical marijuana card. The rest has been a most beautiful thing. The medical cannabis allowed myself and others to get more out of my physical therapy and improved my range of motion. Additionally, the cannabis flower products that I’ve been getting from the legal weed store are slowing the spasm episodes. Bit by bit, month after months, I’ve been building back and I have the cannabis flower products from the cannabis dispensary to thank for change and improvement.


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