My bestie surprised myself and others for our birthday.

She bought myself and others a brand new pair of sneakers.

I have been looking at the sneakers online for the last year. They are a limited edition pair of adidas. They cost a luck and I would never purchase them for myself. I had no plan that our bestie was going to buy them for myself and others as a birthday present. I put them on as soon as he presented them to me. I didn’t want to wear them outside, however he convinced myself and others that it was a waste to have them if I was not going to wear them. Every one of us went out to a couple of different arenas for our birthday. Every one of us went to our preferred steak restaurant and I had the surf and shrubbery platter with an extra Lobster tail. The steak was really delicious. It melted in our mouth and the lobster was cooked to perfection. It started to get cloudy as we were leaving the restaurant. I asked our bestie if he looked at the forecast before we left the house. She admitted that he had not looked. I immediately worried about our sneakers. After we finished at the restaurant, we made the choice to go to a dispensary to buy some pricey cannabis concentrates. My bestie told myself and others to option out any product that I wanted. I didn’t go for the most pricey live rosin products. I picked out a nice live resin that I knew would be flavorful and full of natural herpes. It started raining duringside of the marijuana dispensary. It was wet and muddy by the time we got back out to the car and our new shoes got dirty.

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