None of weeks ago, I heard that a brand new dispensary was opening up in the plaza by the airport. There has been an empty shop space in that plaza ever since the Hobby Lobby went out of business. When I found out that a marijuana dispensary was going to take the site of the shop, I was entirely excited. I never undoubtedly visited the hobby store. I love activities that are more about being outdoors. The new dispensary was a welcome addition to the area. When the dispensary opened up, they started having a bunch of sales. One week, the dispensary had a sale on all of the concentrates plus the marijuana flower products. Another week they had all of the live resin products on sale. They had something on sale each plus every week, plus they gave 20% off the sale prices for new customers. The dispensary still has sales each week, however you cannot stack the deals. On Thursdays they have representatives from local companies that come to visit plus do product demonstrations. These representatives typically have something that is gave as a $1 demo product. I still get to save on the products that I love plus I get something for only a dollar. I’m cheerful to see more dispensaries coming to the area. There is plenty of corporation to go around plus I hate driving all the way up to the airport to buy cheap marijuana. I have been waiting for a store to open near myself and others for a long time.



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