My sister Cara went to work at a recreational cannabis dispensary near our house when she graduated from high school a couple of years ago.

She was actually just planning to work there part time while she took her college classes and then she was going to quit and go somewhere else to work. However, Cara ended up really loving the scene at the recreational cannabis dispensary. She says that it very quickly turned into her home away from home and now she is actually co-managing the store with another one of the employees there. She loves the place, and she is learning all that she can about all kinds of different marijuana edibles and oils and other products. I think that as long as she keeps on with her continuing education, she will continue to excel at the recreational cannabis dispensary. This particular place is growing by leaps and bounds and it’s not like any other marijuana business that I’ve ever seen before. They are super high tech and modern, and you would never even know that the place was a cannabis dispensary to look at it. Cara is great at her job and I think that maybe she was born to work in the cannabis industry. She may end up staying in this business for life, if she has anything to say about it. I know that she has a plan to own her own recreational cannabis business someday, too!


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