I had an amazing doctor when I was going to nursing school. When a patient tackled me and broke my back, I underwent a lot of physical therapy, but it wasn’t helping. I was walking again, but I was in extreme pain. My doctor suggested I try medical marijuana for the pain. She also gave me some pamphlets that talked about holistic health. Holistic health worked with the mind, body, and spirit to treat its patients. I was taking beginner yoga classes and learning how to meditate. Along with small doses of medical marijuana, I was learning how to meditate and circumvent the pain I was feeling. Although meditation did not completely ease my pain, it upped my pain threshold and helped lower the pain level. Beginners yoga was showing me how to do stretching exercises from a chair that would help take some pressure off my back, and yet stretch it and help me gain mobility. It surprised me how much I was learning about holistic health from my physician. It took almost 2 years, but I was finally back into nursing, and I once again met the doctor I was training under. She seemed pleased with my progress and asked if I was sure I was ready to come back to school? I explained how I had read a lot about holistic health, and I was practicing yoga and meditation every day. After getting my nursing degree, I wanted to get a degree in holistic health. She told me if I needed any help, all I needed to do was ask.



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