For the last couple of years, I have talked to my kids about using medical marijuana. Many of them have had a headaches and debilitating pain. One of them had a problem that sent her to a neurologist. The two of us were provided with shots and the two of us did not want to have a problem that would leave us without being able to use our spine. One of the neurologists provided us with a pain management doctor and clinic. All of us went to the education classes that were provided. We spoke with a medical doctor that was convinced that some products out there would help us out and they were not injections in addition to medicine. All of us spoke with the pain doctor and were provided something that we did not know about in the past. Medical marijuana was given to us and the marijuana plant was found in nature. Everyone of us have been on this spiritual journey and we know that marijuana can be potent. A lot of people try CBD oils instead. CBD oils stop the pain completely and sometimes it even keeps me from having leg cramps. The cramps in my leg are getting worse every single day and one thing that absolutely helps at night is when I can close my eyes and fall asleep using CBD oils. I got some CBD oil from a pharmacy and even though I hesitated, I tried a lot of the tincture and took a healthy dose to see if it would really help with the pain in my leg.



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