My friends and I looked forward to the last day of high school for several years.

I was tired of math, science, and english.

I was ready to explore the real world and get out from under my mom and dad. I feel like I was counting down the days since we entered High School in the 9th grade. I never wanted to go to college. I just wanted to finish high school so I could get a job working at the concrete factory with everyone else. Jobs at the concrete factory were paying $15 an hour to start and that was higher than any other job in the region. The concrete factory was considered a premium position. I was hired right after high school and I started working a week after I graduated. I started off on the third shift. I didn’t mind working the third shift, because I could get things done during the day when I didn’t have to work. It was a little bit difficult on my sleep schedule. I had trouble falling asleep frequently. I ended up having to frequently use medical and recreational marijuana to help me sleep. I ordered recreational and medical marijuana from a dispensary nearby. The dispensary actually offers delivery and pick up services. I pick up my marijuana orders on the way home from work instead of paying for the delivery service. I smoke a little bit of medical marijuana before I lay down in the morning and it definitely helps shut off my brain so I can sleep even though the sun is coming out.


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