Jack and I were friends in high school. We played baseball and football together. Jack and his family had to move when we were in our junior year of high school. Jack’s dad was in the military and he did not have any choice. I begged my mom and dad to let Jack move him with us so he could finish school here, but his parents said no. My parents were going to say yes, but his parents were never going to leave him behind. I can’t say that I don’t understand. It would be hard for me to leave my own children behind. I kept in touch with Jack for a while. We emailed and wrote letters. Eventually we lost touch. I had not seen or spoke to Jack in a really long time and then something made me think about him again. My wife and I ordered marijuana from a delivery service in the city. The marijuana delivery service has excellent prices and they always have something that is on sale. My wife and I did not feel like leaving the house, so we chose delivery as an option. We didn’t have to wait very long before the marijuana delivery driver arrived. When I opened the door for the delivery driver, I was very surprised to see the face on the other side of the door. The young guy looked exactly like my old friend jack. It was strange and odd to see his face and know that it actually wasn’t my friend. The strange and odd situation made me think about my friend.

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