My husband complains about being sore all the time.

He needs to move around. He works a desk job and puts in insane hours. All his hobbies require sitting as well. He likes to pack and smoke a bowl after work. He gets really into grinding up the cannabis flower, trying different smoking products and recording how he feels after the strains. I realized that the cannabis strains he chooses are sativas and more recreational based. He feels fun, energetic and motivated. I have pushed him to change what strains he tries. He just recently has moved into trying indica cannabis strains. These mellow a person out, relax them and are better for physical wellbeing. I got him to try a mainly CBD blend that is good for chronic pain. My husband’s back, neck and hips started feeling much better. I didn’t realize that was holding him back from moving. When he smokes weed, he feels much looser. When he feels looser, he starts working out. My husband has been going on bike rides and doing kick boxing work out almost everyday. Since he moves around and stretches, he has started to feel better as a whole. I have noticed a difference in his mood now that he is no longer in pain. Cannabis was just the start of this healthy cycle. I hope he keeps up with it. Eventually it would be great to get him on a routine with a normal work schedule, hobbies that require movement and less cannabis use.



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