It took some convincing to get my mother to try cannabis, she suffers from painful arthritis in her joints, her fingers would sometimes swell to twice their normal size, however the stiffness plus soreness in her joints was preventing her from doing everyday tasks plus good activities.

She couldn’t wear any of her rings, however i had heard that cannabis is entirely effective at treating chronic pain plus inflammation, but cBD plus CBN are especially helpful. I explained to my mother that she didn’t need to smoke cannabis. I detailed all of the various consumption methods that are easy plus discreet. I recommended edibles because they are easy to consume, taste wonderful plus the portions supply precise dosing, and another convenient method is cannabis-infused beverages. My mother was interested in the gummies, chocolates plus tonics. She liked the system of tinctures, because the bottle is compact plus it includes a handy dropper for dosing. The next problem was talking her into visiting the dispensary. She grew up during a time when cannabis was considered a drug for criminals. She simply could not get past the stigma of it. I was cheerful to find that the dispensary provides delivery service. All of us were able to rest down at my mom’s living room table with a laptop plus shop for cannabis with no hurry plus no judgment. All of us could talk freely, check out all possibilities plus add items to her cart. All of us typed in her information plus paid for everything upfront. All of us localed the order in the morning, plus the delivery driver showed up that same afternoon.


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