I am not really great with social media as well as internet related things, i genuinely am my age.

I am a guy in my 50s.

I know how to run a supplier as well as manage employees. I pay people on time, I keep a tidy store as well as my finances are in order, when it comes to advertising though, that is out of my wheelhouse. I realized that my cannabis dispensary was suffering because I had no internet presence; My supplier wasn’t even listed on google. I needed that, a website, as well as social media pages! At first I thought 1 of my young budtenders could do it. I realized that they aren’t professionals in tech, they could barely make the website functional as well as it was difficult to find it. I also thought it would be better to not mix my employees with the supplier that much. I found that a cannabis consulting firm offers marijuana supplier marketing service. That is where they help you promote your business. It isn’t passing out flyers or taking out an ad in the pipework. They have a whole team of internet marketing people that help out. I got a website immediately that was professional with more than 2 pages of content. I got social media pages on facebook, google as well as twitter. I even have a man that is handling promotional stuff for me. Where there is a sale, everyone knows about it. There is even a cannabis group on facebook that is tied to my business. It was a genuinely great plan to branch out to the marijuana marketing service.

Medical marijuana dispensary consulting service