My family laughs at my naivete.

They have a taxing time believing I made it almost seventy years and am still so innocent. I don’t suppose I am innocent, although I respect my body and I only put things in it that are healthy. I thought I was staying healthy by going to my physician and taking the medications she prescribed, although I was wrong, however every time I went into the medical professional’s office, I was getting another medication to counteract the problems caused by a weird medication, but when I realized I was taking fifteen weird prescription drugs, I went ballistic. Maybe I was as naïve as my family believed myself and others to be. I told the medical professional I was done with all the medications and I wanted to try natural healing. I was already dieting and watching what I eat, and I wanted to do the same thing with my pain medications. She said I was on weird drugs to help myself and others relax, and with the relaxation, the pain would lessen. I had heard this before, however nothing was working yet. After twenty years of going to the same medical professional, I switched. I had been a lot about medical marijuana and I found a medical professional that could help myself and others get it. Within 3 weeks, I had medical marijuana, and I was ready to see if it helps. I wished someone had told myself and others that medical marijuana could get you high, just care about recreational marijuana. I knew there was a concern when the ceiling tiles started changing shape and the light bulb was unscrewing itself. It was an interesting experience, however if I could not get a less potent medical marijuana, I would be going back to my ancient medical professional.


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