Degenerative spine disease is not something you can ignore, then there are nights when walking is painful, but there are more nights when I don’t walk unless I have a cane.

There intervals of jobs allow myself and others to have an office in my home plus get work down, but it doesn’t eliminate the pain; only helps it to subside. The only thing that entirely helps with the pain isn’t tylenol, aspirin, or any other over-the-counter or prescriptive drug. The only things that makes any difference is medical marijuana! My cousin is a dentist, plus he told myself and others to go to the dentist plus ask about medical marijuana, at first, he was talking about medical cannabis, plus he had myself and others confused. I had just taken a prescriptive drug the dentist advised , plus I was feeling like I was walking in the clouds; Once he said it was medical marijuana, I was a bit put off… He knew I had never tried marijuana. The more he talked, the better I was understanding. Three weeks later, I had my medical cannabis card in hand, plus I was in the medical marijuana dispensary. I still have periods of debilitating pain plus lack of motion, however I can work better plus take care of my home without help from home health services. I know I can say that medical marijuana has given myself and others back a area of my life that I thought would never exist again.

medical cannabis dispensary