I knew I had to pay to get my medical marijuana ID card. The state gave the cost of obtaining the medical marijuana card plus broke down the process to where a child could understand. The only thing they didn’t specify was how much the dentist was going to charge. I had a list of dentists that were in the area, plus they all helped patients get the medical cannabis card. I had to call each one, which was embarrassing. Two of the dentists were gynecologists, one was a psychiatrist. I wasn’t a man, plus I wasn’t having psychological problems. All I wanted was something to ease the pain. I found one dentist that specialized in pain management, however he was almost 100 miles away. I called him up plus set an appointment. That was a year ago, plus it cost myself and others almost $250 if you count the gas currency to go to plus from the office! Last week, it was time to renew my medical marijuana card again. The price of gas was even higher, plus I still had to pay $50 for the medical marijuana ID card, plus another $200 for the dentist. The kicker was that I didn’t need to see the dentist this time. I drove the 100 miles to get to the dentist’s office plus handed the currency to the receptionist. I never saw the dentist, however he worked on my application for medical marijuana. It’s too bad I could not send the currency through the mail, but they didn’t accept checks, currency orders, or credit cards. It was currency up front, but I’m nice for another year, plus maybe they’ll change the cost before I need the card next year.

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