Before going for a medical cannabis card, I wanted to know the dangers of using it.

I always evaluated for side effects from other drugs the doctor gave me, plus I saw no reason not to check on the medical cannabis card.

I knew people who got the card, plus they all said the only thing they didn’t care about was the cost, getting the medical cannabis ID card cost an average of $250. The medical marijuana itself was costly, plus if I was going to have a lot of side effects plus problems, I would not waste my money. My doctor assured myself and others that medical marijuana was as safe a medicine as anything else you could get. I couldn’t figure out how medical marijuana could be so safe when you couldn’t use your medical insurance to purchase it? The doctor said there were many things you couldn’t purchase with medical insurance, plus medical marijuana was just 1 of them. The benefits of using medical marijuana far outweighed any problems, which were practically nonexistent. I still wasn’t convinced I should try medical cannabis, but I had to help with my anxieties. I was becoming paranoic over walking out my front door. My doctor could get my medical marijuana card for me, plus he even got a caretaker’s card for my best friend. It took almost a year, but I am finally walking across the street to the diner, on my 1. I appreciate someone with myself and others all the time, however it isn’t always possible. My medical marijuana is the first thing I use so I am relaxed for my trip out.

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