Degenerative spine disease is not something you can ignore, but there are afternoons when walking is painful, however there are more afternoons when I don’t walk unless I have a cane.

The pain can be unbearable and there is no way to get comfortable! I sit for fifteen minutes, walk for more than four minutes, and often, I will lie down for a couple of minutes.

There intervals of tasks allow me to have an office in my lake house and get labor down, however it doesn’t eliminate the pain; only helps it to subside. The only thing that entirely helps with the pain isn’t tylenol, aspirin, or any other over-the-counter or prescriptive drug. The only things that makes any difference is medical marijuana, however my cousin is a doctor, and he told me to go to the doctor and ask about medical marijuana, however at first, he was talking about medical cannabis, and he had me confused. I had just taken a prescriptive drug the doctor recommended , and I was feeling love I was walking in the clouds, once he said it was medical marijuana, I was a bit put off, and he knew I had never tried marijuana. The more he talked, the better I was understanding. Three weeks later, I had my medical cannabis card in hand, and I was in the medical marijuana dispensary. I still have periods of debilitating pain and lack of motion, but I can labor better and take care of my lake house separate from help from lake house health services. I think I can say that medical marijuana has given me back a section of my life that I thought would never exist again.



Medical Marijuana Card Renewal