Jack and I went to the bar with some friends.

We met up with somebody’s from the gym.

They were talking about how much weight each person can bench press. Nobody believed me when I said that I could bench press 280 lb. I am a small and skinny guy, but I can lift a lot of weight. I have been lifting weights since I was in high school. I was on the football team and I was skinny so the coach told me to weightlift. I still never made the first string team, but I could kick a ball 70 yards with zero accuracy. Since the guys at the bar did not believe my story, we left the bar and went to a 24-hour fitness center about 5 miles away. I had access to the gym because I am a member. Each one of the guys put 50 bucks on the fact that I would not be able to lift a pound more than 250. I knew I had it in the bank when they gave me 250 instead of 280. I could lift 250 lbs 10 years ago. I sat down on the bench and I stretched my arms and my legs a little bit. I didn’t want to tear anything and I was lifting cold. I picked up the weights and lifted them up over my head. Then I put the bar on the ground and lifted it from a deadlift. I earned 250 bucks that night and I made those guys feel like they were tiny men compared to me. Not a single one of those large muscle guys could deadlift the same weight.

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