My wifey had to go all the way to the city to get a root canal.

There are only a couple of dentists that take our insurance and perform root canals, so we have to go where they send us.

While we were in the city, I thought it would be a fantastic method to get some recreational marijuana products from the dispensary. There are places in the city where recreational marijuana is a lot cheaper than home. I told my wifey that I would look for cheap marijuana nearby while she was with the dentist. I found lots of places with cheap marijuana nearby. In fact, there was a dispensary only several blocks away from the dentist’s office. I decided to walk down there while my wifey was having her root canal. The marijuana dispensary had a lot of good sales and specials. They also offered a first-time patient special of 25% off your entire order. I did not want to leave separate from getting anything at all, even though I did not want to spend a whole bunch of currency separate from my wifey there to help with the product purchase. I grabbed a couple of pre-rolls and I told my wifey about the cheap marijuana dispensary when she got done with the dentist. She did not want to go into the store to use her discount, because she was feeling pain and sickness from being with the dentist. Thankfully we were able to place an online order and then I used her identification card to have the products delivered later that day. The driver did not care if it was my ID or not.

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