My bestie and I went to a festival that was at a campground, then the festival was a tribute to the 1972s and everything hippie.

It was a hot and humid day, however both of us had a couple of fans, all of us set up our canopy outside and both of us sat down at the picnic table with a marijuana joint. The marijuana joint was an infused joint with the smell and flavor of grapes. It was actually pungent, our grape smelling marijuana joint attracted some attention actually quickly, and someone was walking past our campsite and made a comment about smelling grapes and marijuana. The man wanted to know what both of us were smoking. All of us told the camper that both of us had an infused marijuana pre-roll. I took a picture of the package and sent it to the guy’s iphone number so he could look for the same product, however unfortunately, my bestie and I bought the infused marijuana product from a dispensary close to our house an hour away from the campground. I doubted that the camper was going to be able to find anything like that close to the campground location. I told my bestie that if the guy came back to ask us more questions, I was going to offer to sell him 1 of the pre-rolled marijuana joints that I still had. I bought a package of many and my bestie had just opened them up at the campground. I would have sold 1 to the guy for 10 or 15 bucks. I wouldn’t have made a profit, but I didn’t want to give it away for free.