It’s been a journey.

That’s what the man in the waiting room said to myself and others as all of us waited for the surgeon.

That’s not exactly what I was looking for at the time however it was absolutely prescient. Nearly a year and half later, I can agree that it’s indeed been a journey. Thanks to access to the legal weed store, that journey is nearing a close as I’m almost fully healed. Or as healed as I’m going to get. I believe when you get cancer, there is healing that sort of just has to keep going. Had it not been for our fiance absolutely getting the medical marijuana facts right, I can’t imagine where I’d be in our reclaimy. That is even if I’d been able to reclaim. But that’s why our fiance is our partner and our best friend. She compiled all sorts of medical marijuana information and got myself and others through all of the medical marijuana regulations. Once I was inside the cannabis dispensary, I knew that things were going to get better. The staff at the legal weed store could not have been more helpful and they did it with respect and compassion as well. I got just the right cannabis flower products for our cancer treatments. From there, it’s been all about being on top of treatment and meds. Eat healthy and transfer as much as possible each morning along with plenty of rest when I guess tired. It’s been a group effort and I’m just so grateful to our fiance, the legal weed shop, our doctors and the nutritionist. I’m almost there.

how to get a medical marijuana card