Every Friday evening I order marijuana from a delivery service in the city.

The delivery service has cheap prices on marijuana and they offer free local delivery.

Friday is the day of the week when I get paid. That’s why I order marijuana on that particular day. I should wait until Saturday, but I usually run out early and I can’t wait. On Saturday everything in the store is 20% off. I ordered some items from the cannabis shop last Friday and one of the items was a cannabis oil vape pen cartridge. The cannabis oil vape pen cartridge was in my email that I received from the marijuana delivery center. The cannabis oil pen cartridge should have been in the bag when the driver arrived, but it was missing. I looked at the total and it was the same as the total in the email, so it was very important that the canvas oil was missing because I had definitely paid for it already. The delivery driver from the marijuana service was happy to go back to the shop and pick up the product that I was missing. I honestly didn’t want to give the driver a second tip and I know that it would have been customary. I told the guy not to worry about the cannabis oil vape pen cartridge. I asked him to give me the total without the item. He had to call the store to find out what the total would be with taxes. I didn’t mind waiting a couple of extra minutes so the order was correct and the guy got the right amount of money from me.

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