A lot of first time marijuana patients choose gummies or edibles because they are a low dose product that is easy to use and easy to dose.

Most dispensaries only carry 10 or 20 mg tablets, gummies, or hard candies.

In this state, the limit is 20 mg per individual serving. The packages cannot contain more than 20 mg, even if there are multiple pieces of candy or gummies inside of the package. Everything must be individually wrapped for packaging at 10 or 20 mg intervals. When I first started using medical marijuana, I chose a low dose 10 mg THC edible. The low dose 10 mg THC edible was available in lots of different varieties. I could pick chocolate, gummies, hard candy, and even throat lozenges that tasted like mint or wintergreen. The gummy and edible products take a long time to reach the body. When I first started using the product, I started off with a 5 mg dose. I didn’t feel anything at all after 30 minutes, so I took another 5 mg. I felt minimal effects from the marijuana products, so the next time I do with edibles I decided to double the dose. I started off with 10 mg this time and I added another 10 mg at the 45 minute mark. This time I felt much more pain relief and comfort throughout my body. 20 mg is the perfect dosage for me. More than 20 mg makes me feel too tired and a little dizzy and lightheaded. Starting out with 10 and adding another 10 is the perfect way for me to dose with edible marijuana products.


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