For the first 20 years of my life, I lived in the middle of the country and I was not near any large bodies of water.

We had a river and a couple of creeks, but I didn’t see the ocean until I was almost 30 years old.

I met a girl who lived on the west coast. We dated online for 6 months and then I decided to move across the country to be with her. The West Coast was a lot different from anything that I knew in the past. It definitely took some time to adjust. I learned how to surf with some friends that I met at work. I still enjoy going surfing even though I have lived here for 10 years. I certainly don’t get out to the beach as often as I wish I did. When I have the chance to go to the beach for a few hours, I take my surfboard and marijuana. Recreational marijuana makes me feel very relaxed and creative. I usually smoke a sativa like blue dream or Jack Herer before I go to the beach. I don’t want to smoke an indica, because it will make me feel tired and lazy. Sativa strains like super silver haze and Maui Wowie are some of the best ones in this area. Last Saturday was the perfect day to go to the beach and go surfing. I called my friend Jack and he met me near the pier at 7:00 in the morning. We were ready to hit the waves when the son started coming up. We enjoyed a recreational marijuana joint and spent the next three hours catching wave after wave. There was a seven or eight foot surf that day.

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