If you would have asked me one year ago “could you live without your car?” I would have said no.

I loved my car, and the freedom it gave me to go anywhere at any time, and do anything I wanted.

I assumed that without a car I would feel like a teenager again, stuck at home with no way to go anywhere fun. Then calamity struck, and my car was totaled in such a way that the insurance would not pay out. I was out of money and had no wheels. It turns out that without the car I had a lot more extra cash to spend at the cannabis dispensary, which made me forget all about the car. At the time of the accident there were no cannabis delivery services available, and the closest dispensary was about three miles away. My first trip there was on foot, and while it was a heck of a walk, I felt really energized by the time I got the cannabis dispensary. I tend to make a trip to the cannabis dispensary once a week or so, and after the first month I found myself looking forward to the walk! It’s easy to forget how nice it is to walk through the woods when you are stuck in your car all the time. I would take a long leisurely stroll back home, smoking cannabis along the way and making an experience out of it. As soon as the cannabis dispensary started to offer free delivery, I stopped taking those walks, because I’m lazy.


Blue dream