There are a lot of negative things when it comes to marijuana. My friends seem to think that since our state offers recreational weed, it is a free for all. I laughed the other day when our friend Lindsay thought she could grab up all the weed she wanted. It isn’t like a candy store or a pharmacy. You have limits with how much cananais you are allowed to get each week. It doesn’t matter if you are a medical marijuana patient or a recreational cannabis customer. They do cut you off. They track you through your driver’s license too. So there is no getting around it. Another thing is that our friends always expect free samples. It is not like a deli or a candle store. A cannabis dispensary isn’t allowed to offer items to be consumed on the premises. That means you can’t sample any pot brownies or THC infused candies. The only exception is that some diepsnearies are licensed to have a smoker’s lounge. After you buy your product, you can smoke it in the designated area. That is about it however. The last is that our one friend Tate rode his bike to the cannabis dispensary. He then thought he could just toss his products in his bike tote and ride away. Technically that isn’t okay. Your cannabis products are supposed to be put in your trunk, locked away. Yeah, that is true, look it up. You can’t just stuff it in a pocket and carry it around. Legally you are supposed to have it locked away until you get home. Most people don’t do this however.

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