I’m sincerely grateful that the bunch of us are finally getting a cannabis dispensary on this end of town.

Finally, I don’t have to drive across the neighborhood to get the cannabis products I need each week. Taking full advantage of having a marijuana dealer on this end of town, I’ve been treating my anxiety with medical marijuana for a long time. This has been something that has led to additional anxiety from me. First, cannabis was illegal for such a long time, and second, I never knew just where I was going to get the sativa products that I rely upon to help me with my condition. I was never a recreational marijuana user. As a matter of fact, the first time I tried cannabis, it was from a neighbor who had a medical marijuana card in another state… She suffers from basically the same sort of anxiety that I have. Medical marijuana completely changed everything for her and she wanted to share that with me. I was actually surprised to find that after less than a week of treating with medical marijuana, I felt totally different. It was smaller feelings at first but it kept growing and growing. Cannabis and in particular, sativa strains, detached fear and anxiety from my life a little bit more each afternoon. All of a sudden, I was able to see life in a bright and joyful way. That’s just the way I’ve constantly wanted to live. And thanks to medical marijuana, I’m living a life that I wasn’t sure would ever be possible for me. I’m genuinely so thankful that I live somewhere that I can access the cannabis dispensary.


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