After medical marijuana laws were enacted, I felt that we had a chance at getting recreational marijuana on the books as well.

The feeling I had about recreational marijuana being legalized was spot-on. And I’m taking advantage of the fact that by indulging in my appetite for cannabis. For most of my adult life, marijuana was illegal in any form. There was no such thing as medical marijuana. So I pretty much had to take whatever I could get and when I could get it. I might get something like a bag of suspect weed. But that would just have to suffice no matter what the THC content. That’s just the way it was back in those days. You took what you could get when it came to cannabis products. I wasn’t sure whether I was getting sativa, indica or perhaps some sort of hybrid strain. I was really just pleased when it wasn’t just oregano. But one thing I get now from the cannabis dispensary that I couldn’t get then, are the edibles. Oh, how I love the edibles. The fact that I don’t have to smoke cannabis any longer is wonderful. I never smoked cigarettes and I really didn’t like smoking cannabis. So now I get my sativa or my indica in a yummy cannabis edible. Still, the best part of the whole thing is it’s legal and I don’t have to worry about getting busted for dealing with the criminal element.

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