A few that years after my buddy Ryan opened up a cannabis shop, there was another one that opened in the town that was next to us.

That medical cannabis shop has been a huge insizable success for everyone plus that guy is making profits already.

The place has not been open for quite a long time but it is true that people say that medical cannabis is a business that is always going to go up and never down. Things are going great for him and he never dreamed that life would be so great. I am pretty glad for my friend she is an actually nice difficult working girl plus she deserves whatever success there is for her. When she told myself as well as others that there was going to be a cannabis dispensary that she opened up in this town I was not immediately sure that it could be a great idea in this small area. After all there are lots of medical cannabis jobs that were not successful however Ryan has had much reception from many of the neighborhood people in this section plus the cannabis dispensary is easily busy most of the time. Ryan is literally hiring new Bud tenders plus they have cannabis education events each month for the community so more and more people can end up getting there medical marijuana card and the many benefits that come from using the plant. I’m quite actually proud of my friend because she works difficult to keep up with many of the rules plus industry regulations and it is nice to see her a success in the business.

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