I was easily a single of the people who did not guess that anyone would be able to use cannabis.

I believe that cannabis was easily a gateway drug that would lead to many people doing worse drugs plus I was easily against all of the people using it.

I did not want anyone at all to have the gateway drugs and I was thinking that they would happen to this life if they tried. Then on a single day, I absolutely ended up in a bicycle accident plus the serious injury left myself and others dealing with much of the chronic pain problems. Chronic pain problems were something that every one of us dealt with in the past plus we were not interested in taking a lot of different prescription drugs. We did a great deal of research plus every one of us learned that medical marijuana could help us out with a number of things. Medical marijuana easily has lots of different side effects and prescription drugs have been proven to be even worse. Every one of us were reading about the different medical marijuana side effects plus shortly after we decided to go ahead and get our medical cannabis card.

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