What if there were a place you could go and relax outside in the splendor of nature and smoke all the pot you wanted.

Wait, it gets better… what if you could bring your dog? I love my pupper, and I love taking her to the dog park.

What I don’t like is the stares I get when I light up a joint, even when I am nowhere close to anyone else. Even though legalization is spreading across the country, there is still a negative stigma on marijuana, which I hate. More than anything I would love to find a cannabis friendly dog park, perhaps one nearby to a dispensary. The two things in life that bring me the most happiness are cannabis and my dog, so of course I want to combine those two things! I went around and spoke to the owners of all three local cannabis dispensaries we have in town, and none of them liked my idea. They all said the same thing, that dogs are too unpredictable, and a cannabis dispensary needs to be as calm, orderly, and clean as a pharmacy. I guess they all thought I meant bringing dogs inside the cannabis dispensary, so they missed the point. The dogs don’t want to be indoors, they want to run free, so I want to bring the cannabis outside! I can imagine watching my dog running and playing with other dogs while I hang out in the shade smoking cannabis with the other dog lovers. To me this sounds like a little slice of heaven on earth.

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