I will never forget what it was like to exist about 30 years ago when people were still smoking indoors at a big number of indoor arenas.

For years before that, passengers smoked cigarettes on jetliners of all arenas! The thought of smoking on a plane nowadays is disturbing, as I’d always worry that the fire would ignite the oxygen contained in the air.

I was exposed to an enormous amount of smoke as a child. Whenever my mother was still with my father, he would smoke around my sister as well as I separate from any hesitation or pause. Even after she left my biological father as well as then moved in with my grumpy step father, he smoked as well. That meant every one of us were exposed to smoke since the beginning as well as it didn’t stop until I got to college. However, I can also say that so many of my friends in college smoked as well so they would stink half of the time. One thing I remember about traveling with a smoker is that you absolutely can’t smoke in the airport. Maybe you could do this back then, however there are no smoking rooms at the local airport here in my city. Since these days you can’t vape or smoke nicotine products, you sure as hell can’t use any variety of medical marijuana products in the airport as well. This is why I always travel with cannabis gummies as well as tinctures when I need to go through security with physician prescribed medical marijuana products. Even if I need to medicate for my medical ailments, that apparently still doesn’t give me the right to smoke cannabis inside of an airport.



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