When in doubt I would rely on medical weed for the magic fix.

If I was sore from a workout, I would pick up a topical. If I couldn’t sleep, I would try an edible. Anxiety would be when I vape a cannabis oil. Now that I am pregnant, I can’t take any of my medical weed products. It really stinks because issues keep cropping up. Being pregnant is absolutely horrible. I have experienced nausea since day one. I really want to vape cannabis oil to keep it at bay. I also have trouble sleeping at night and would like to take my usual diet. Another issue I have been experiencing is horrible back pain. I know if I apply my topic to the area I would feel okay. I knew vaping an oil and eating an edible were not while pregnant. I wondered if the topic would be okay. It was just a cream after all. The THC doesn’t get into my blood. It should be safe. Well I did some research and nobody could give me a firm answer. I talked to my doctor about it and he told me absolutely not. So now I just suffer daily aches and pains when the fix is right in my bathroom. I have to wait the full nine months before I can use my topical again. I miss relying on medical weed for my ailments. This baby is going to kill me. I am in pain, sick and can’t sleep.

medical cannabis