I workout really hard more than five afternoons a week, i started taking 1 morning off just to allow my muscles to reuse.

I tend to overlift, run too far as well as destruction myself. I got to the point where I kept a heating pad by my bed for leg cramps. I was very proper with icing in the night. I started wondering if I should look into pain pills, but my hubby was heavily against this. I knew there must have been some middle ground. I wanted stronger than icy hot but not as addictive as prescription pills. I then found that a lot of people rely on medical marijuana for chronic pain. I went to a doctor that prescribes medical cannabis, the two of us chatted for a bit as well as I left with a medical cannabis card as well as a script for topicals. I like that a topical doesn’t get you high. It is a light cream that is applied directly to the skin. The part feels tingly as well as sometimes numb. It is a more powerful icy hot as well as odors better. It also doesn’t leave a gross residue either. I apply my topical in the morning before I workout as well as right before bed. That seems to do the trick. I always know when I have forgotten to use lotion too. My legs start to cramp up as well as my back tightens. As soon as I notice the pain I put on the cream. It works wonders. I like that it is quite small too. I can actually pack it when I travel for work or go to my friend’s house.
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