Once a week I go over to the retirement home and spend a few hours with Aunt Jo. She has been in my life since I was born, and we share a deep bond. When I was a kid Jo lived with my parents, and spent most of her time in the garden out back. She grew the most wonderful vegetables and potatoes. Years later I would find out that the garden was a colorful ruse, using it to shield her real crops, the cannabis plants. That was almost forty years ago at this point, and yet it is still something that binds us together. She lives in a retirement home, which means cannabis smoking is not allowed anywhere inside or nearby the building. I have taken over her duties as the resident cannabis farmer for the family. Just like her I don’t grow a lot, just enough to keep me and the family nice and stoned. It was never about selling cannabis, everything Jo grew was either smoked or given away, and that is what I do as well. Since she can’t smoke cannabis in her current location, I bake it into cookies and brownies for her. She looks forward to my edibles almost as much as my visits to play cards with her. We will have some tea, munch on a few edibles, and spend the whole afternoon playing games and watching TV. I love Aunt Jo, and will forever be grateful to her for teaching me how to grow the best cannabis plants I have ever tasted..