My granny called last week and asked if I would take her to town.

She had a couple of errands to run, but she didn’t have anyone else to ask. I was quick to tell her I would gladly take her town. All she had ever had to do was ask, and I was always there for her. The first thing we did was shop for a few groceries and get her prescriptions. She then asked if I would take her to the cannabis dispensary so she could get medical marijuana. She said I wasn’t a caretaker, so all I had to do was drop her off, and we could leave as soon as she got out. I had so many questions to ask of her, but I didn’t want to pry. Instead, I took her to the cannabis dispensary and dropped her off, and then I parked in the nearest parking space so I could watch for her. When she came out, she was carrying a small bag that looked just like those she got her prescriptions in. She tucked the bag in her purse as soon as she got into the car. I wanted to ask what she bought, but I knew granny and she didn’t like it when people pried into her personal life. I was really curious and I kept hoping she woudl say something about her trip to the marijuana dispensary, but she said nothing. Even when she got out of the car, she only thanked me for picking her up and taking her to town. She handed me $5 toward gas and kissed my cheek before getting out. I wondered if I would ever find out what the trip to the medical marijuana dispensary was all about.



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