One of my friends started working for a cannabis shop.

The guy was one of the first people hired to work at the brand new cannabis delivery service. My friend has no spots on his driving record. He’s never had a speeding or a parking ticket. I have so many dings on my permanent record that I would never be able to get a job working for a cannabis delivery service. My friend is really making a decent amount of money. He only works a couple of hours every afternoon and he still brings home at least $100 every single night. He only has to work a couple of days each week in order to earn enough money to pay all of the bills. I have to work twice as hard as him just to earn the same amount of money. One of the best perks of being friends with Jack is being able to get good deals on products from the marijuana dispensary. The edibles are about $10 each, but my buddy receives a pretty healthy discount on all of the products in the store. He regularly buys things for me like marijuana concentrate, dried flower, and edibles. One of my favorite products at the marijuana dispensary is an edible brownie that contains 50 mg of thc. The brownie is supposed to contain multiple doses of thc, but I eat the whole thing at once. It makes me feel great and I don’t have to worry about smoking marijuana for the rest of the day. I feel good all day with just one dose of edibles.


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