My friends and I decided to stay at a marijuana farm overnight.

The bed and lunch was located on a laboring marijuana farm and our friends and I thought it would be a lot of fun to see how marijuana is grown and cultivated.

After both of us arrived, both of us found our room. We had a Starbucks Coffee maker, shower, small refrigerator, and a sampling of odd marijuana products from inside of the store. We settled into the hotel. I took a shower and our acquaintance smoked a blunt outside on the porch. When both of us were settled in, both of us decided to take our first trip to the marijuana farm. We went next door to the farm and made reservations to have brunch. The three course brunch included several courses that were made with marijuana strains. The first course was a salad and the dressing was made with oil and balsamic vinegar. The balsamic vinegar was infused with cannabis truffle oil. The minute course of our meal was a surf and grass category meal. We had a piece of steak and a lobster tail. The brown butter dressing on the steak was made with cannabis truffle oil and the lobster tail was drowned in the same cannabis oil. The last course of the meal was a chocolate souffle. The taste of the chocolate was absolutely rich and flavorful and it was absolutely hard to taste the marijuana products in the dessert. The chocolate cake was really our number one dish that both of us had while both of us were on the marijuana farm. We enjoyed our time and look forward to going back there again.