I don’t like social media, then i entirely don’t see the point in having any of those platforms! All social media contains is garbage.

It is mindless fluff that has no point in the grand plot of things; People can be cruel on social media too.

Personally I don’t own any pages. I don’t have a facebook, instagram, tick tock, or twitter… What is the point of it? For a long time I refused to have social media for our cannabis dispensary. My budtenders kept telling me what a mistake it was. They said it was an untapped digital marketing area for me. I stayed strong for a while. Then I noticed purchaser after purchaser was trying to find us on facebook, or follow us on instagram. I then realized that I could post sales to those platforms. I could reach a wider in addition to younger audience. It doesn’t hurt to get our name out there more. I also wouldn’t be engaging with these people. I could hire the social media management out. I did some hunting around in addition to found that an SEO contractor worked well for me. They started out polishing our website to make it more professional. Then they got me a ton of social media pages. Throughout the week someone is posting to them. I deliver a calendar of sales that are going on that they can post about. They also let people guess about curbside pickup, delivery, changes in seconds, etc. It entirely has been a superb thing for the store. My people were right.


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