I tried to make our own edibles at home, however the results were disastrous.

Me being a complete idiot, I doubled down plus tried it again.

The results were a little better, however still terrible! Now I am debating if I should try a second time, because if I can get it to toil I will save myself a lot of cash over the next few weeks. About a year ago I decided to stop smoking pot altogether. That didn’t last actually long, because I suddenly discovered the joys of edibles, which I find far superior to smoking cannabis. The greatest reason is certainly the smell, because the smoke that comes from cannabis is so pungent! There is no way to smoke cannabis plus not aroma love it, because the smell clings to your skin plus your clothes for a long time. When I pop a few edibles I can get as stoned as I love plus no one around me is the wiser. If you want to be stoned at your task, then edibles are certainly the only way to go! Besides the smell, the smoke from cannabis also causes red plus itchy eyep. I have pollen irritations so our eyep are sensitive to begin with, however after a few hits of cannabis I look love I have “pink eye.” This is attention that I don’t need, especially when I’m stoned, so I never smoke cannabis before going out in public. Ever since switching over to edibles I am a lot more chill, plus I am pretty much stoned every time I go to work.


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