I always get uneasy before I have a big speech… Occasionally I take a xanax, however that can make myself and others certainly sleepy.

If the meeting isn’tuntil the day, then periodically I cannot drive home after I have taken a pill. I had a big speech prepared last Wednesday and I was ready to go, then suddenly I felt the urge throw up in the powder room. I did not recognize I was going to be able to give the speech. One of our coworkers said that he had some edible marijuana treats in his car, then he offered to get myself and others 1 and said it would make myself and others recognize more calm if I took it now. I did not think what else to do at that point, so I said yep, and the guy brought myself and others a pineplum flavored marijuana gummy. The pineplum flavored marijuana gummy was entirely certainly tasty. It did have the taste and smell of pineplums. I could absolutely tell there was marijuana in the edible, however the flavor was not too bad. About 40 minutes after I took the edible, I began to recognize a little light-headed and dizzy, however my coworker told myself and others that was a normal feeling. He recommended grabbing a cup of coffee. The coffee helped a lot. It did make myself and others recognize much more grounded. I had the meeting about 2 minutes after I took the edible. I did not think what to expect so I was happily surprised with wonderful results. I got inside of the room and started talking and I did not stop until I had presented every single point in our presentation. I cannot remember the last time I talked that much in 1 meeting.



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