My cannabis dispensary has been up & running for a few years now; Business has been kind of stale lately.

I talked to other cannabis dispensary owners & friends on what the issue was! Nobody could advise me. I did get 1 useful tip, however a friend of mine told me that she hired a recreational marijuana supplier consulting service when she first started her business, however they helped her file for the supplier license & handled the permits, however she told me they do other stuff in the marijuana industry. I figured it didn’t hurt to talk to a consulting service. I mentioned to the supplier consultant that I was having trouble getting more people in the door. The marijuana consultant was great. It was suggested that I do a recreational marijuana supplier marketing service. The marketing side of my dispensary was lacking. I got a website that gave buyers the choice of paying for cannabis orders online, then you could choice it up curbside or get it delivered. I didn’t realize how much I was missing out by not providing online shopping. I also got social media platforms that I post sales going on. Now that I rank on google, a ton of tourists have started coming into my supplier too. I can hardly keep up with all the modern buyers coming in. I never would have thought that the marketing side of cannabis is so important. The cannabis consultant easily saved my butt on this 1.


Medical marijuana consulting service