There are uncommon cannabis concentrate products found out every dispensary. All products are usually individually wrapped in glass packages, paper, or plastic. Many of these packages are see-through and marijuana concentrate products are made with cardboard. Inside of the package has images plus pictures on the outside. These cannabis concentrate products cannot be visually seen easily however some buyers do wish to see inside of the packaging. The people I was with plus myself will sell all of these products at a discounted price after they are unable to be sold to anyone else. Some of the people in the store try to personally get these products for themselves and they can be pretty good when the sales are 20% or more. A recent customer came into the cannabis shop plus purchase that items that were in the box. The people I was with plus myself were offering a 30% savings on the items and there was a huge sign in the lobby that said that those sales were going to be final and there was no way that they were going to be able to return any of those products in the event that they were unhappy. When a customer came back to the store with one of the Cannabis concentrates, we had to turn him away and tell that person that we would be unable to take those products back to the store as they fall under the clearance section rules. The best that we would do is be able to give him a bit of a discount.


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