I happen to live in a place where I am not lucky enough to have recreational marijuana laws.

Recent medical marijuana sales have been legalized but these products are still priced particularly high.

I have this medical marijuana card plus the people I was with plus myself can legally buy some products from the dispensary. It’s still better to get some products from a street dealer as they can have a savings that is much better and a better price point. Some of the average cost for medical marijuana is around $40 but a street person or a person that I know that is growing marijuana would make this donation to me for probably only $20. The people I was with plus myself were surfing on the west coast for a week or more as well as ran into some people that offered us a great deal on some marijuana supplies that they had. We would be able to get an entire ounce of marijuana for just $50. The Indica marijuana was a tenth of the price that I would regularly pay plus there was no way that I wanted to give up the deal. I found a way to come up with the $50 plus we took back the whole ounce of marijuana and did not have to pay the expensive prices at all. The package was a nice marijuana strain and the order filled up the apartment very quickly. The people I was with plus myself will easily treasure all of the great marijuana buds until we can go back to the West Coast to purchase some more.

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