Jack plus myself decided to have some dinner at a place that we saw down the street from his work.

He offered to buy supper if all of us would lay down plus eat some sandwiches plus some fries. Every one of us joined our Pals plus buddies so we could grab a bite to eat. The people I was with plus myself smoked marijuana joints before the people I was with plus myself went directly inside of the diner. The marijuana joint was the type of strain that I did not have in the past. It was called Wedding cookies. After having the marijuana strain, I was usually high. I only hit the marijuana joint many or four times. The people I was with and myself finished every part of the joint and then all of us were absolutely baked by the time the people I was with plus myself went to have some dinner. The menu looked very fuzzy plus blurry and I did not know how I managed to order the steak plus some fries. The sandwich was looking pretty good with mozzarella as well as provolone. The meat was juicy, tender, plus very flavorful. There weren’t too many pieces of steak that did not taste good. I care about that when everyone of us have a submarine sandwich. The fries were absolutely greasy and soaked in a lot of fryer oil. They sat in my stomach like a load of lard and it was really difficult to sit there for much longer after the fries started to digest.

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