There are tons of marijuana concentrate products that we find near the dispensary and these products are wrapped in glass packages, paper, plus plastic.

Many of these packages are clear so you can see into the package but a couple of the concentrate products are definitely made with cardboard that has images plus pictures.

It is impossible to see what the concentrate or better looks like inside. When a client wants to view inside of the package, everyone of us will detach the concentrate. Once the concentrate products have been removed, they are not available for sale to any person except the customer who asked to open the package. After this occurs, the products are placed into a sizable bin for clearance resale when everyone of us have a sale towards the end of the month. Products inside of this bin are 20% off the original manufacturer’s retail price due to the fact that they are missing original packages. A customer last week came to our dispensary and also purchased multiple items from the clearance bin. Those items were passed the shelf life and had already expired. The clearance items are sales final and have no return policy at all. The marijuana dispensary has a large sign with black letters right next to the box and it says that sales are final. When the customer was frustrated, we clearly had the right to say no to returning the product. There really was nothing else for us to do. We could offer him discounts but we could not return the product for a refund.


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