There is a person around here that owns a medical and recreational marijuana dispensary and I have been there to task for the last couple of years.

When these medical and recreational marijuana shops open, many of the prices were regularly low.

There came a time when everyone of us were selling marijuana and giving all of our clients 25% off the sales for multiple or more months. Those sales drew many odd clients and all of us continued to have low prices so everyone of us could choose to be the dispensary that is best in all of the cities throughout each plus every month. Every one of us offer sales plus specials love vape pen cartridges that are BOGO and Edibles and tinctures. Prices have honestly remained the same for a long time, but I recently found out that there are going to be some changes made at the start of the year. All of us are a few months from the beginning of next year and everyone of us are going to have an up-to-date price increase. I do not regularly guess that everyone of us will probably lose many customers over the increase in price, but it will definitely be something that people will think about when they are selecting the dispensary for their deliveries and pick up orders. When we have to raise all of the prices across the board, I’m sure that our customers are going to be able to notice that the cost has gone up 5% and everything is 50 cents more.

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