Different marijuana shops carry odd and different marijuana strains.

All of those strains have different effects.

Different marijuana strains are easily categorized into the type of strains that are dependent on the way that they make you feel. One most common side effect of these sativa strains are the increased creativity, energy, as well as attention to focus. This is something that all of us have been able to recognize as pain relieving effects. Indica marijuana strains soothe and induce our appetite. There are many different dispensaries that are near everyone of us and they carry the types of products that we can all try. My number one sativa strains are Jack herer, green crack, blue dream, and blueberry haze. I also like a great sativa strain that is called blue dreams. Blue dreams was not the type of product to make you feel sleepy but it does help to relieve pain. It makes myself plus others feel very relaxed while still giving us a boost of creativity. Everyone of us have a couple of number one strains Plus they include indica’s like ice cream cake, Bubba kush, and the famous Northern lights. I love the Northern Lights strain and how it makes myself plus others recognize tired plus sleepy after many long afternoons at our job. When you know the difference between the indicas and sativas, you can absolutely make sure that you get the right product to help you feel better. It is substantial to suppose the difference between many of the different marijuana strains.


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