Every one of us happened to live in a place where recreational marijuana products do not happen to be legal. Sales for medical marijuana are still genuinely high. Everyone of us have to get the items that we want from a person that would sell these products and keep them for everyone else. The people I was with plus myself have to pay quite a high price for the marijuana products that we want and love. All of us pay an average cost for an eighth of marijuana that is equal to twice the cost of the same product that you can buy on the West Coast or any legal State on that side of the country. Everyone of us have been told that we can get marijuana products and we can get the things that we need for cheap prices. Myself and others recently were able to find Indica marijuana for sale. The Indica marijuana products were a strain called OG kush. All of us met a gentleman that had the Indica marijuana strain for sale and OG Kush is certainly one of my favorites. The person told myself as well as others that I would be able to have some Indica Kush and the whole ounce was only going to cost me a small amount of money. I felt like I could not give up any of the price for that package and I was paying nearly twice that amount from the dealer and the dispensary. It’s nice to get weed for cheap prices and know someone that can donate.


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