My friends plus myself went to a new restaurant that is down on the street. We went after task this week but he provided to buy some lunch if I was happy to sit down plus eat a sandwich with a couple of fries. Every one of us joined our pal plus friend for multiple bites to eat. All of us smoked many marijuana joints before every one of us made our ultimate choice to walk into the restaurant. One marijuana joint was easily a strain that no one had in the past. This type of strain was called Wedding cake. Every one of us were high after hitting the marijuana joint entirely until the bottom and it was all finished up. Every one of us wanted to go to the restaurant where the menu was looking fuzzy as well as blurry. I ordered some fries as well as a sandwich. The sandwich was pretty yummy with tasty bits of cheese. There was mozzarella and thick slices of provolone and all of the meat was exactly as flavorful and tender as you would hope. There weren’t pieces of gristle or even a little bit of fat. The only problem with the plate was the greasy fries. The greasy fries definitely side and my stomach. I only have 30 minutes of my lunch break and I knew that I was not going to get back to the house. A bathroom was something that I wish was closer. I probably shouldn’t have eaten all of those fries, but the marijuana joint made me feel like I had the munchies.

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